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What is a Hot Air Balloon Tether Flight?

A balloon tether is an actual hot air balloon flight where we bring one of our Hot Air Balloons to your location and inflate. The balloon is anchored to the ground with three or four very strong ropes long enough that the balloon is allowed to ascend to a height of 100 to 15o feet, where it hovers briefly with its passengers then slowly descends. Those passengers get out as new passengers get in and the balloon ascends with them. This is repeated to provide all of your guests the opportunity to enjoy a ride in the balloon.

What is required for a Hot Air Balloon Tether?

We require a minimum of a 250’x250’ area that is free of trees, light poles, power wires, etc. We will need to anchor the balloon from three/four points. Depending on your location we may use large trees, posts or vehicles. We always use our chase vehicle but may for you to provide additional vehicles.

Can anyone fly the balloon?

To fly a hot air balloon you must be a licensed balloon pilot. Much like a fixed wing pilot, balloon pilots go through extensive training including ground school, written exams and hands-on flying. The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), New Delhi regulates the Hot Air Balloons.

What is the best time of day?

Since a balloon is so large, any wind at all can make handling the balloon almost impossible and potentially dangerous. We need light winds to tether so the best time of day is within 2 hours of sunrise or two hours of sunset. We can even tether after dark. The balloon lights up like a big jack-o-lantern after dark.

Can anyone fall from Hot Air balloon?

When you are in a balloon the basket does not rock or sway. It’s very stable as we operate in calm winds. So you cannot possibly fall out.

How many people can go at a time in the balloon?

Hot air balloons are much bigger than people realize. Balloons come in different sizes from a one man balloon to as large as an 18 passenger balloon. We will use a balloon that carries a pilot plus 4 passengers depending on the weight and wind factor.

Is there an age limit for a participant in hot air balloon Tether Flight?

Any age limit will be set at the pilot’s discretion. The routine criteria for passengers are that they be capable of standing flat-footed in the balloon basket and be able to see over the basket side wall.

It is cold up there?

No, it is the same temperature on the ground as it is in the air. The temperature only begin to drop when you begin to fly very high. For every 1000 feet altitude, temperature drops by 2 degrees.

How many passengers can you take up in a session of 2 hours?

This is a hard question to answer. It is dependent on many factors. The wind is the most variable of these factors. Wind, height of the ride, Size of the area, Length of Ride and size of the passengers are the major factors. We flew for a children’s camp where we had perfect weather conditions and the kids jumped in and out of the basket so fast we were able to take up over 150 kids in two hours. On a very hot day we cannot take up as much weight as on a cooler day. When you have a mixture of older and younger passengers it take longer to trade out passengers. A good rule to thumb is approximately 80 passengers in two hour.

Are there any medical forms required for hot-air balloon Tether Flight?

There are no special medical forms necessary for a hot-air balloon tether flight. Consent/Indemnity bond forms must be signed by all passengers and crew members of the event, or the appropriate parent or guardian, if necessary.

Who can fly?

Anyone of reasonable health and who can get in and out of the basket can participate.
Each participant (or parent/guardian for those under 18 years of age) must sign an agreement to participate / Waiver of responsibility for tethered ride passengers provided by Aero Adventures before being allowed to participate in the event. The pilot & crew always reserves the right to limit who or how many can get into the balloon basket.

How high will be fly?

Tethered flights usually fly between 100 feet and 150 feet. The exact height is determined by a number of factors including wind, terrain, location, anchor points, number of passengers, etc. The pilot will determine the exact height according to conditions at the.

How long are the rides?

Rides may be from 2 to 5 minutes long. This is largely determined by the wind conditions, weight of the passengers.

What if the weather is bad?

We will still be on site! If the weather is bad then of course we will not take any chances with people’s lives. We hate to disappoint someone but we refuse to hurt anyone.

Our balloon pilots and support crews are true professionals. If the day comes and we are not able to conduct a flight operation our teams will be onsite with all the equipment for the contracted time of the tether. We will display all of the balloon equipment, answer questions, let people get into the balloon basket and take photos and generate good will for your event as well as take the time to inform and educate the public about hot air balloons.

The disappointment will soon fade when you get the response from your guests about how informative and professionals our teams are! Understand this, we cannot guarantee the weather and will not take chances with the safety of your guests or our equipment!

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What is a Hot Air Balloon Tether Flight?

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Can anyone fall from Hot Air balloon?

How many people can go at a time in the balloon?

It is cold up there?

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